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Apply to be a Section Leader

Complete the new singer form. In the box marked "Singing Experience" please type "I'm applying for Section Leader position." Then, list your singing experience. Arrangements will be made for an audition with the director and a member of our music committee.

New Singers - Becoming a Member

At your first rehearsal sing with the voice section of your choice. By the end of the first rehearsal, our director will determine the best voice part for you to sing. At your sixth rehearsal, complete and submit the new singer form on this page to apply for membership along with you membership dues. It's that easy.

Membership dues and Perks

  • Annual membership dues are $50; please make your check payable to The Swedish Glee Club.

  • Subsidized travel to AUSS national choral conventions, this year in Vancouver, WA July 2-6, 2019.

  • Past conventions have been in Chicago, IL in 2016, Minneapolis, MN in 2014, New Haven, Connecticut in 2012.

  • For more information, you may contact Nancy at



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